Monday, November 8, 2010

29 more weeks- its gonna be here in no time at all.

I picked up my ring from the jeweler today, it looked so good all shined up. I can't believe when Jacob gave it to me it barely fit over my knuckle. I couldn't even wear it. But I didn't want to size it because I didn't want to admit I couldn't wear a size 7 ring anymor. I don't know why but I didn't want to face the fact that even my fingers had gotten fat!

I decided that I wouldn't have it sized- I would just lose the weight. Ha. That didn't work. After a month Jacob finally convinced me to have it sized - I was officially - gulp- a size 8! Nooooooooo..... At that time I was REALLY unhappy with myself- and I knew I had to change.

When he proposed I was 5'3 196 pounds.Two and a half years later I have lost 47+ pounds. It took a LONG time, a lot of work and plenty of ups and downs. It's safe to say this has been a journey.

The good news is, today when I went to pick up my ring it was because I had to have it sized DOWN. Back to my size 7. : ) And you know what... Its actually a little loose. LOL.

I'm proud of myself but I have a bigger goal, I want to lose 28 more pounds before the big day. It is going to be a big challenge for me... seeing as how it took over 2 years to get the 47 off.

Feel free to follow along as we plan this wedding and I challenge myself to shred this last layer of flubber before the big day!

My first goal is 144 (losing 5 pounds) because it will mean that I have a officially lost 30 percent of my body weight- and I haven't been able to break below 145 even though I have come close in the past three months. So the plan is: get back on weight watchers tomorrow and hit the gym. Wish me luck!

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