Sunday, November 14, 2010

Envisioning THE dress..

Two pounds down this week- one small step closer to my goal! Yessss...

This week I really want to get down to 144, and I know it is gonna take a whole lotta' butt kicking to do it. My game plan is to put in some hard time in at the gym- an hour a day- except on Wed. That and to stick with the weight watchers plan! Which is hard as hell at only 20 points a day. But I am trying to stick with 5pts for b-feast, 5 for lunch and 5 for dinner and the last 5 for 3 pm & after gym snacks.

Thats the plan.

Tomorrow I am going to be sore. Today I ran/ walked and hiked for an hour and half and every time I wanted to stop I thought about THE dress. I just kept thinking about how good it will feel when I hit 130 and I can finally go and pick out the dress I walk down the isle in. I just hope I get there soon. Because I really need to order it- the clock is ticking.

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