Thursday, November 18, 2010

PLUS I need bridesmaids dresses!

Down to 146 today- YEAH!!!

Now on to other pressing wedding topics: Bridesmaids gowns. Today one of my bridesmaids and I were talking about picking out bridesmaids dresses. Since three out of my four girls are beautifully curvy gals and all 4 have been blessed with large boobs, this has been a difficult task. I want them to feel comfortable and beautiful. Periodically I send them ideas and they give me their feedback. This is the one I sent them this week (from David's Bridal):

They seemed to like this one because they can wear a real bra to hold back the "girls". However one concern is that the material on the lower half is a bit thin and may cling to that area below the navel and create that lovely intertube effect.

So we searched around together online and found a few others that may be more comfortable.

Although it is still so hard to tell since the size 2 models displaying the dress dont quite fit my girls dimensions... it is rather irritating to say the least..

It would just be nice to see what actual girls look like in these dresses. So I searched the web and found this website: A site where you can actually view the dresses on real people! The problem is there aren't many pictures uploaded. : ( And there aren't too many plus sized girls on there.

SO Does anybody have any ideas where I can find cute plus sized bridesmaids dresses on ACTUAL plus size models??? And NOT Size 7 models disguised as plus size models! OR another great website that may help me make my decision...


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