Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Stress Relief

One of my co-workers just got married, I spent a few minutes after work chatting with her. She gave me some good tips for planning and stuff. It really got me thinking about how much we still have to do to get ready for the wedding. Sometimes after working all day the last thing I want to do is plan or even think about the stress involved in the next few months.

I guess that has been kind of something I really thought about today. I really want us to enjoy the day - no stress. I think that's why I really want to try and get down into the 130's in the next month or so. Ugh, but it is right before the holidays it's going to be hard as hell to keep my weight loss mojo up during that time. Which makes me concerned. Sometimes I think, oh shit, what if I lose this weight THEN I have to keep it off for months BEFORE the wedding. Part of me wants to take the rest of the weight loss slow, I think I would be happy if I lost 3-5 pounds a month.

I do feel like I am more motivated when I concentrate on my goals and blog regularly. Today I did pretty well on the Weight Watchers plan, it's just hard to stay within my points. 21 points goes quick. I know the plan works because if I stick to my points faithfully I can take off about 3 pounds in a week.

I guess I need to start channeling my stress into motivation at the gym. Hmm.. something to ponder...

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